Driving Tips to Protect You and Yours This Thanksgiving

Before you pack up the car and head out for the annual Thanksgiving Day celebration at your parents’ house, consider the following tips offered by Advantage Auto Service to help ensure you have a safe trip. You’re one of millions of people driving over the Thanksgiving weekend, so you need a protective edge.

Prepare for the Worst

Prepare for anything that might go wrong. If you can, avoid travel on the busiest days of the weekend – Wednesday and Sunday – and keep your GPS alerts on so you know if there’s trouble ahead. Pack emergency supplies in case you need them and leave early so you aren’t tempted to drive too fast.

Be Extra Safe

Bear in mind that, again, you are one of millions of drivers on the road so be extra safe. Remember what you learned in driving school and move your eyes frequently to see what’s going on in front of, to the sides, and behind you. Think prevention, i.e. move away from reckless drivers. Keep to the right.

Alert Others

Alert other drivers and the authorities of emergencies. Turn on your hazards if you’re approaching a stalled vehicle or accident and slow down accordingly. Have a passenger call 9-1-1 if you suspect there’s a drunk driver on the road. Get the vehicle’s make, model, color, and license plate number if you can.

Stay Focused

Don’t distract yourself or let others distract you. Do not text and drive and avoid talking on the phone, as well. Plan plenty of rest stops along the way to keep the kids from fussing and you alert. Avoid fatty or sugary snacks that make you sleepy and stop and rest if you need to. Don’t drive when you’re sleepy.

Drive When it’s Light

If you can, drive during the day instead of at night. Nighttime driving can be more dangerous because it’s dark outside and harder to see, and also because there are more drunk drivers on the road. Plan to spend the night, as well, because you’ll be too sleepy to drive after the meal, especially if you drink.

Call Us for a Vehicle Check

Finally, don’t head out for your Thanksgiving weekend drive without having your automobile inspected first. Many people breakdown during the holiday commute because they’ve overheated or blown out a tire. Avoid this risk with a vehicle check and service designed to keep your car reliable on your trip.

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