Shuttle Bus Driver Safety Tips

Many people rely on shuttle buses, especially those living in assisted-living communities. You don’t want your shuttle buses to be dangerous to your passengers, and a lot of the safety of these vehicles lies with the drivers and how they handle them. Advantage Auto Service would like to share the following shuttle bus driver safety tips from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to protect you and your passengers.

Drive Defensively

Shuttle bus drivers must remain vigilant behind the wheel, constantly anticipating their next move before they make it. Awareness and action are the keys to avoiding accidents. Anticipating problems before they happen helps drivers prevent them.

Use the Signals

Shuttle bus drivers should always make other drivers aware of their intentions. Signals, brake lights, and flashers help drivers anticipate the shuttle’s next move. It’s important to consistently use these tools, and it’s also important to use flares and triangles when broken down.

Slow Down

Shuttle bus drivers must also know their vehicle and how to handle it. They must slow down when driving conditions warrant it, such as during inclement weather or around curves. Extensive driver’s training can help your bus drivers learn when to use caution.

Use Common Sense

The shuttle bus can’t be safe if the driver isn’t safe. Simple common sense can save lives. Everyone, including the driver, should buckle up. The driver should not drive when he or she is tired. Nor should the driver be distracted. Obviously, alcohol and drugs should be forbidden.

Know the Routes

If your shuttle bus drivers do not have a good idea of where they’re going or how to get there, they will be easily distracted by a fear of getting lost. Drivers should always know their routes and plan for any obstacles, including road work or road hazards.

Maintain the Fleet

Finally, a reliable fleet keeps the shuttles and their drivers safe. Preventative maintenance prevents breakdowns and accidents. Reliable shuttles boost the driver’s and passenger’s confidence in your shuttle service. Maintaining the fleet is perhaps one of the most important safety tips of all.

If you drive a shuttle bus or own a fleet of shuttles in Atlanta, GA, let Advantage Auto Service keep the buses on the road, reliable, and safe. You can call us to discuss your fleet automotive service and repair needs, and you can rest assured we have vast experience in shuttle bus repair and shuttle bus driver safety. We’d be happy to get you on a customized service plan that is perfect for your shuttle buses.