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Don’t Let a Dead Battery Stop Your Day From Starting!

Battery Replacement Overview:

The car battery is a crucial component that provides electrical power to start the engine, run accessories, and keep the vehicle’s systems operational. It acts as a reservoir of stored energy, ensuring smooth functioning of various electrical components.

Signs Your Battery Needs Replacement:

  1. Difficulty Starting the Vehicle:

    • If you experience trouble starting your car, it could be due to battery issues. Corroded or loose battery terminals may hinder the connection, resulting in slow cranking or rapid clicking when you turn the key.
  2. Visible Corrosion on the Battery:

    • Battery terminals are in direct contact with the battery and are exposed to acidic fumes. Corrosion can develop, affecting the terminal’s ability to conduct power.
    • Inspect for powdery white or blue corrosion on the terminals or along the cables.
  3. Loss of Electrical Power:

    • Severely corroded or damaged terminals may cause a total loss of power. If your car suddenly loses all electrical functions, suspect terminal issues.

Battery Components at Risk:

  1. Terminal Ends:

    • Battery terminal ends connect the battery cables to the entire electrical system. They are usually made of lead or other highly conductive metals.
    • Corroded or loose terminal ends can disrupt the electrical flow.
  2. Contacts and Terminals:

    • The metal contacts within the battery terminals ensure proper electrical connection.
    • Corrosion or damage to these contacts can compromise the battery’s performance.
  3. Total Charge Capacity:

    • Over time, a battery’s total charge capacity may diminish due to wear and tear.
    • Regular maintenance and testing can help assess the battery’s health.

Scheduling Battery Replacement:

When it’s time for a new battery, consider Advantage Auto Service in Marietta, Georgia. Our skilled technicians will inspect your battery, assess its condition, and recommend the best replacement option. Contact us today to schedule your battery replacement and keep your vehicle running smoothly!


Car Battery Replacement Near Me

If you are experiencing an issue, call us today to schedule your Marietta battery repair or service.

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