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Is Your Check Engine Light On? 

Don’t Worry – We Speak Binary.

A little orange, red, or yellow engine-shaped light on your dashboard is all it takes to throw your day off course. 

During engine diagnostics, we use a set of sophisticated tools to talk to your vehicle’s computer and find out exactly what’s wrong, and where it’s happening. 

Available For A Variety Of Makes and Models – Diesel Engines Included! 

Check Engine Light Causes 

Is your vehicle telling you to service your engine soon? 

These are some potential reasons for why your check engine light is on

  • Your vehicle’s oxygen sensor has gone bad,  burning more fuel than it should, or triggering problems with the spark plugs and catalytic converter. 
  • Your catalytic converter is damaged or malfunctioning, causing you to lose performance, burn more fuel than necessary, and/or make your car run on the hot side.
  • The gas cap is loose, allowing fuel to evaporate and resulting in more frequent fill-ups.
  • Spark plug damage is causing problems with oxygen sensors, ignition coils, and the catalytic converter. Mass Airflow Sensor 
  • Your mass airflow sensor is bad, reducing in power and fuel economy while damaging the catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, and spark plugs. 

Diagnosing Your Engine Problems: The Process 

Warning lights tell you something is wrong, but they don’t tell you what or where the problem is in the vehicle. We have technology that goes beyond the scanning code level to find out exactly why your check engine light is on in the first place. 

If your check engine light is on in Marietta, GA, we can help.

Your mechanic will likely follow the following pattern of testing to determine your car’s trouble spots or specific areas that may need special maintenance:

1. Scanning Codes 

By connecting diagnostics gear to your car, we can get the  low-down on any codes your car’s computer may or may not be showing. This can give you and your mechanic an idea of what components may need to be serviced. 

2. Verification Test

The verification test analyzes your vehicle’s engine vacuum, back pressure, emissions systems, and ignitions operations. This either verifies the  information found while scanning codes, or provides new information to help us dial in the diagnosis. 

3. Pinpoint Testing

As a final step in the diagnostic process, your mechanic may perform a circuit and component pinpoint test, including:  

  • testing mechanical and electrical components
  • making visual inspections of potential problem areas 
  • conducting bi-directional control tests

4. Research

    With diagnostics complete, we’ll investigate recalls, technical service bulletins, and other information to look for patterns of malfunctions for your make and model.

    Once everything’s been diagnosed, it’s time to make engine repairs.

    A Final Note

    If your technician completes every step of the diagnostic process and finds no problems, but your engine light is activated on your dashboard, there’s a consolation for going through this detailed process. If there’s no reason for the warning light to be on, your mechanic can easily deactivate it.

    We’ll Help You Get Here–And Help You Leave 

    You’re not stuck waiting at our shop until your engine repairs are complete. 

    Use our shuttle service or use a loaner car to get where you need to be.

    Stop In for Check Engine Light Service and Engine Repair in Marietta, GA 

    While the check engine light can cause you a bit of anxiety, a quick test can tell your technician exactly what’s wrong. 

    If you need to schedule an appointment for engine diagnostics in Marietta, GA, contact Advantage Auto Service today.


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