New Year’s Resolutions For Drivers

As the holiday season is winding down and everyone is getting ready to welcome the new year, you may be making your list of New Year’s resolutions. Most people stick to resolutions that have to do with their weight, health, or finances. What about your vehicle? After all, you drive it every day. Advantage Auto Service wants you to consider adding these car care and driving resolutions to your list of resolutions.

Brush Up on Traffic Laws

It has likely been a while since you memorized all the traffic laws to pass your written driving exam. If you feel like you have forgotten some, even though driving has become second nature to you, you are not alone. We find that some of the most common rules people forget about are who has the right of way at a four-way stop, proper use of the right and left lanes, and what to do if a traffic light is flashing red or yellow. This year, make the commitment to spend a little time reading over traffic rules and regulations.

Don’t Rage Behind the Wheel

We understand that traffic is frustrating. People who aren’t driving the speed limit, cutting you off, or following you to close are all things that make your blood boil. This year make the resolution to avoid allowing that frustration to grow into full-blown road rage. If you find yourself in a precarious situation, take a deep breath and relax. Laying on the horn and screaming profanity won’t change anything

Don’t Drive Distracted

This should go without saying. If you haven’t already, invest in a hands-free device for placing calls while you are driving and put your phone down. If you find that you need to send or read a text message ask a passenger to assist you or pull over into a safe parking area.

Before you start driving, choose your playlist or radio station so you don’t feel the need to fidget with buttons and dials. We also recommend that you avoid eating while you drive. The more time spent with two hands on the wheel and two eyes on the road, the better.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

This year, make the promise to keep up with your vehicle maintenance schedule. Regular oil changes will keep your engine running smoothly and inspections will allow you to catch and repair minor issues before they become major catastrophes. Whether you are in need of standard maintenance or a more complicated repair, the team of experts at Advantage Auto Service in Marietta, GA, is here to help.