My Car’s Engine Is Picking Up Speed By Itself

If your car’s engine is picking up speed by itself, the fuel pump may be malfunctioning and sending too much gasoline or diesel fuel into the engine. Advantage Auto Service advises that this is just one sign that the fuel pump needs to be replaced. We are going to list the other signs below.

Engine Power Problems

If your engine is having problems producing power, the fuel pump may be failing to supply the engine with the fuel that it needs. Specifically, you may notice that your engine lags severely when it is under stress or when you are trying to drive faster. These are indications that there is a lack of fuel supply to the engine.

Decreased Gas Mileage

Whether the engine is surging or lagging, you will notice a decrease in your automobile’s gas mileage. This is because the engine is not running efficiently. Any time the engine struggles to perform, it burns through more gasoline. Consequently, you will need to fill the tank more often.

Strange Whining Noises

Speaking of the fuel tank, if you hear strange whining or humming noises coming from it, the fuel pump is letting you know that it is going bad. You may also hear squealing sounds coming from the tank, although this is rare. Have your vehicle inspected any time you hear something strange.

Overheating Engine

The fuel pump can cause the engine to overheat if the fuel pump motor is overheating. This happens when the fuel pump is unable to draw fuel over the motor to cool it down. Consequently, this heat is transferred into the engine and your car, truck, or utility vehicle will overheat every time you drive it.

Reduced Fuel Pressure

Testing the fuel pressure can give you an indication of the fuel pump’s health. You can purchase a fuel pressure gauge at the auto parts store. Follow the instructions to test the fuel pressure to make sure it is within the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended range. If it isn’t, the fuel pump is going bad.

Hard Starts/Dead Engine

Finally, this sign of a dying fuel pump is an obvious one. If the fuel pump cannot draw fuel into the engine, your engine will be difficult if not impossible to start. Obviously, the engine needs fuel to fire up and run. A dead fuel pump cannot provide the fuel that the engine needs.

Advantage Auto Service in Marietta, GA, would be happy to test your fuel pump if you suspect it is going bad. If it is, we will replace it.