Advantage Auto Service is a full-service auto shop that works on both gasoline and diesel engines. We can keep your diesel engine operating as it should be. We work on all diesel action types, including fleet vehicles and box trucks. Here are seven common problems we fix every day.

1. Hard Starts

It’s often more difficult to start a diesel engine than it is a gasoline one. These engines tend to crank a few times before they fire up. This is because they need more heat than a gasoline engine does to start; hence, the glow plugs. If your diesel engine is having a hard time getting started, it’s likely overdue for maintenance.

2. Power Loss

Diesel engine power loss is usually related to a fuel problem. Common causes of power loss include a clogged fuel filter or dirty fuel injectors. You may also have excessive lubrication in the engine that needs to be addressed, or your throttle linkage may be too loose.

3. Fuel Contamination

One of the benefits of driving a diesel engine is that the fuel is more energy-dense than gasoline is and, as such, you get more miles per gallon. Diesel fuel is thick, however, and it can easily become contaminated. Common contaminants include glycol, soot, or water.

4. Black Exhaust

You can expect puffs of black exhaust to come out of your diesel automobile’s tailpipe but you shouldn’t see excess exhaust. If you do, this is a sign that the fuel mixture in your diesel engine is rich, which means it is fuel-heavy. You may also have problems with the air filter, the injector pump, the EGR valve, or the turbocharger.

5. Oxidized Oil

Oxidized oil is oil that has air bubbles in it. These air bubbles prevent the oil from lubricating the diesel engine as it should. This problem usually occurs in diesel engines that have sat around for months.

6. Wrong Weight and/or Viscosity

Another common problem with diesel engines is hard starting due to the incorrect oil weight and viscosity in the motor. It’s important that you always have the correct lubricant weight and viscosity in your diesel engine. Otherwise, you can damage it.

7. Noisiness

A diesel engine is noisier than a gasoline engine is, but this does not mean that it should be excessively loud. If your diesel engine is making too much noise, including generating knocking sounds, you may have a problem with the engine combustion or the fuel injectors.

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