I Just Started My Car and the Engine Is Roaring Like Crazy

Advantage Auto Service advises that if you started your car in the engine is excessively loud and roaring, it’s probable that someone has taken the catalytic converter from underneath the vehicle. Unfortunately, this type of auto theft is common because the metal out of which the converters are made is considered precious. Aside from the roaring engine, you will also notice the following problems.

Check Engine Warning

The check engine light is going to turn on and remain on because the exhaust system sensors have no choice but to report errors to the engine control module because the converter is missing. The catalytic converter treats your vehicle’s exhaust so it is safer to be released out of the tailpipe. Unfortunately, the exhaust system sensors will detect problems because the system itself is not complete.

Jerking Acceleration

If you try to drive your vehicle, which we strongly discourage, you will notice that the acceleration jerks. The reason why this happens and why the engine is so loud is that the catalytic converter is not there to absorb the force and muffle the noise of the exhaust being pushed out of the exhaust manifold. Consequently, every time you press down on the accelerator, your vehicle will lurch forward.

Slow-Speed Sluggishness

You will also notice that your automobile has difficulty running at slow speeds. The engine produces two types of torque or power, low-end torque and high-end torque. For some reason, when the catalytic converter has been taken from the automobile, the engine struggles to produce the torque on the low end and, as such, your engine will have a difficult time operating when you are driving slowly.

Noticeable Exhaust Odors

Another sign that the catalytic converter is gone is noticeable exhaust odors. This is why we recommend that you do not drive your vehicle if you are the victim of catalytic converter theft. The exhaust is forced out of the manifold and into the open air because the converter is no longer there. Consequently, you will end up with your vehicle’s exhaust inside the passenger cabin.

Feeling Ill When Driving

Naturally, if you are inhaling the exhaust, it is going to make you sick. In fact, it can be fatal. The exhaust is filled with carbon monoxide because the catalytic converter is no longer there to treat it and convert it into carbon dioxide. Consequently, driving your vehicle has just become very dangerous.

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