Signs There’s a Crack in Your Car’s Exhaust Manifold

You may never need Advantage Auto Service to replace your exhaust manifold. A cracked exhaust manifold is rare, but it can happen if you are driving the automobile when the engine is too hot. In this case, the metal out of which the manifold is made will succumb to the heat and crack. Consequently, this leaves you with exhaust leaking into the engine and the problems listed below.

Reduced Performance

One of the first things that you will notice is that your engine is not performing as it normally does. Consequently, a cracked manifold can reduce the engine’s performance. The reason why is that the engine fills up with the exhaust that leaks out of the manifold. The exhaust can interfere with the combustion being produced in the combustion chamber. This affects your engine’s ability to produce power.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

This also reduces the fuel efficiency. Unfortunately, the exhaust causes the engine to run inefficiently. When this happens, the engine burns through the fuel quickly in an effort to produce power. Consequently, you will notice that you do not get the normal mileage out of a full tank.

Tapping, Squealing, Hissing

The exhaust also makes noises as it leaks out of the cracked manifold. The best time to hear this noise is when you first fire up your automobile. You may hear tapping, squealing, or hissing. This noise will come from the engine because the exhaust manifold is connected to the engine block with bolts.

Heavy Burning Odors

Another sign that your exhaust manifold is leaking is heavy burning odors coming from the engine. These odors are being caused by the exhaust. The exhaust overheats the engine because it heats up the engine parts. Consequently, your engine will also run too hot.

Heavy Exhaust Odors

Another odor that is heavy is the actual odor of exhaust. You will be able to smell the exhaust as it leaks out of the manifold and is drawn into the passenger cabin. This makes driving your vehicle dangerous, so we recommend that you avoid inhaling the exhaust by having your vehicle towed to our shop.

Check Engine Warning

Finally, you have learned a lot goes wrong when the exhaust manifold starts to leak. The result is an illuminated check engine light. The engine control module will turn the light on because various system sensors will send it malfunctioning codes.

Advantage Auto Service in Marietta, GA, is here to help, so call us today if you suspect that you have a cracked exhaust manifold.