Signs My SUV’s Brakes Are Overheating

Signs My SUV’s Brakes Are Overheating

Signs My SUV’s Brakes Are Overheating

If you suspect that your SUV’s brakes are overheating, pull over right away and call for a tow truck. When the brake system overheats, it may become difficult if not impossible to stop your SUV. We will explain more below. It is better to be safe than sorry. Have your SUV towed to our auto service shop so we can inspect the brakes to determine the reason why they are overheating. We will provide you with a detailed estimate of the necessary repairs for your approval.

Constant Squealing Noises

One sign that the brakes on your SUV are overheating is a constant squealing noise. You will hear this noise every time you apply the brakes. The reason why the brakes are squealing is that the brake pads and rotors have glazed. What this means is that their surfaces have become smooth. When this happens, they not only make a squealing noise but are also unable to generate friction. The brake system in your SUV needs this friction to convert it to kinetic energy. It is this kinetic energy that slows down and stops your SUV. This is one reason why overheated brakes can fail.

Noticeable Burning Odors

Another reason why the brakes may fail is that the brake fluid will start to boil in the brake system. This creates air bubbles that can cause your brake pedal to sink all the way to the floor. The boiling brake fluid will smell like burning chemicals. Unfortunately, this, too, means that you might not be able to stop your SUV. If you smell burning chemicals and the brakes are squealing, the brake system is definitely overheating. Pull over and have your SUV towed to our shop.

Another odor you may detect is the odor of burning carpets. This is an odor that the brake pads release once they have glazed. This, too, points to a hot brake system. Find a safe place to park the SUV and allow the brake system to cool. If the brake system overheats when you start driving again, definitely have the SUV towed to our shop. The brake system is going to overheat every time that you tried to use it. If you keep driving, you may lose the brake system.

We are here to help, so call us today for brake repair services if your brakes are overheating. We know we’ve said it a few times, but, again, it’s better to have your SUV towed to our shop than to drive it. We do not want you to get into an automobile accident.