Signs Your Manual Transmission Clutch Is Going Bad

Signs Your Manual Transmission Clutch Is Going Bad

A manual transmission clutch doesn’t have a set lifespan. Some only last 30,000 miles and others can last 100,000 miles or more. A lot of it depends on the driver, as bleeding or riding a clutch wears it down faster. You’ll see signs that your clutch is going bad and this may be the time to replace it. Advantage Auto Service recommends you look for the following things.

Odd Engine Revving

If your clutch is slipping, you will hear your car, truck, or SUV’s engine rev yet you won’t move forward or you’ll only move forward slowly. This is because the clutch is struggling to create the friction it needs to turn what’s called the flywheel. This causes your motor to rev because you’ve got your foot on the gas but your vehicle to remain still because the clutch hasn’t engaged the transmission like should.

You might also hear what sounds like revving when your vehicle is in neutral. A sign that your clutch’s input shaft bearing has worn out is a noisy engine before you put your automobile into gear and then a normal-sounding engine once it is in gear. The noise will quiet once you depress the clutch pedal, so if it sounds as if your engine is revving or louder in neutral, you might have problems with your clutch.


Until you get used to your manual transmission, including the clutch, you might grind gears. Once you learn where the clutch-catch is, you’ll shift between gears smoothly and without noise. If your manual transmission begins grinding between gears even though you’re a smooth-shifting king or queen, your clutch’s pressure plate, release mechanism, or throwout bearing might need to be replaced.

Gears Don’t Catch

Finally, if you find you cannot get your vehicle into gear or get the gears to catch as you switch between gears, your clutch probably needs to be replaced. It’s also possible it just needs to be adjusted, as sometimes a loose clutch will prevent an automobile from going into gear. If your clutch pedal squeaks when you depress it, it also needs to be lubricated, so bring your vehicle in for a clutch service.

Advantage Auto Service offers preventative maintenance and auto repairs to our customers in the greater Atlanta, GA, area. If your clutch is acting funny or exhibiting any of the above signs, can call us to set up an inspection. We’ll give your clutch and manual transmission a thorough once-over and recommend the appropriate maintenance and/or repairs.