Preventative Maintenance for Your Fleet of Box Trucks or Shuttle Buses

Preventative Maintenance for Your Fleet of Box Trucks or Shuttle Buses

Preventative Maintenance for Your Fleet of Box Trucks or Shuttle Buses

Fleet maintenance can be tricky if you’re operating on a tight budget, but the importance of it for your buses and trucks cannot be overstated. Advantage Auto Service can help, because we believe the safety of your fleet rides, literally and figuratively, on how well it is maintained. Let’s talk about preventative maintenance for your fleet and how ignoring the services can put you and your company at risk.

Saving Money From the Start

Preventative maintenance costs less than repairs; this is the bottom line. The more you put off the maintenance services required for your fleet the more chances they will break down. Once they have broken down, you not only have to pay for the repairs to get them back on the road but you also lose the money they make while they’re on the road. It just doesn’t make sense to lose this income.

Yes, maintenance services cost money, but when you take into account the difference between the cost of regular oil changes and the cost of rebuilding a damaged engine, spending the money on the oil changes now makes more sense. Even replacing the brake pads costs less than replacing the brake pads and the rotors the worn brake pads damaged. Spending money now saves you money later.

Reliability and Safety

Another consideration is your vehicle’s reliability and safety. Take into account how much your customers rely on your box trucks to deliver their packages. What about your passengers who rely on your shuttle service? If the vehicles break down constantly, your customers will find other more reliable transportation companies. Your vehicles need to be reliable in today’s instant gratification society.

They also need to be safe, and they cannot be safe if they aren’t being maintained. Accidents can cost your company dearly, especially if the accident was caused by your vehicle’s failure. Your drivers could be injured as could your passengers in the shuttle buses. This can cost you dearly in insurance costs and settlement payouts. Safety should be a priority in both your box trucks and shuttle buses. 

Plus, safe vehicles boost your drivers’ and passengers’ confidence in your company. Happy drivers mean dedicated drivers who will be willing to go above and beyond for you and your business. Happy customers mean loyal customers who will also boast about your business’ services to your family and friends. You can’t beat word-of-mouth marketing. Period.

Advantage Auto Service in Atlanta, GA, offers fleet maintenance and repair services for box trucks and shuttle buses. Call us today to discuss your fleet maintenance needs. Our number is 770-268-2892.


Fleet Services Help Protect Your Bottom Line

Fleet Services Help Protect Your Bottom Line

Fleet Services Help Protect Your Bottom Line

We here at Advantage Auto Service never envy the job of a fleet manager. We know you are under tremendous pressure to keep every vehicle on the road making money, whether they are shuttle buses or box trucks. Your bottom line needs to be in the black all the time; otherwise, you face the ire of your boss. This is why we work tirelessly to service fleet vehicles at affordable prices so you always protect your bottom line and also the vehicles and your drivers. Let’s talk more about this below.


The only way your fleet vehicles will continue to make you money is if they are reliable. This is why it is crucial that you stick to the factory-scheduled service plan for each fleet vehicle like glue. It’s important to have the services done when they are due, and, if necessary, additional services performed when they are needed. You need your fleet vehicles to be reliable when they are on the road, and part of that reliability includes running efficiently so you save money on fuel costs.

Unreliable vehicles end up in the shop where they are not only making money but also costing money. Another thing to consider is driver retention. If your drivers cannot count on their fleet vehicles, you will have a high driver turnover and this costs more money in the end. Advertising costs alone for new drivers can be pretty high. This is why maintaining your fleet vehicle reliability helps your bottom line. It keeps the vehicles on the road earning money and your drivers happy. Studies show that happy employees are productive employees.


Safety is also a concern with your fleet vehicles. This is particularly true if you carry passengers. Sticking to each vehicle’s service schedule allows us to find safety problems before they become an accident. For example, we can detect and repair your brakes before the vehicle loses its brakes with regular brake inspections. This helps prevent automobile accidents and the costs that occur with them.

An unsafe fleet vehicle cannot only cause an automobile accident but create a problem with your insurance carrier. If your vehicle is found at fault because it wasn’t maintained properly, you run the risk of losing your insurance coverage and facing the possibility of a lawsuit if, for example, the vehicle was filled with passengers like a shuttle bus. Maintaining your fleet vehicles keeps them safe on the road.

Advantage Auto Service in Marietta, GA, is the only auto service shop you need for shuttlebus and box truck maintenance and repair. Call us today to schedule an appointment.